Lorvale CLUBs

The Lorvale Clubs is a non-profit organization registered in Ontario, dedicated to providing high-quality volunteer opportunities for high school students. With sponsorship from Lorvale Academy, the Lorvale Clubs offer various volunteer opportunities, such as teaching assistants, camp assistants, event assistants, and academic research assistants, among others, providing proof of volunteer hours that fulfill the Ontario high school graduation requirements.

Volunteer Application Form

Club Highlight

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Meet Graduation Requirements

Provide proof of volunteer hours that meet Ontario high school graduation requirements.

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Frequent Communication

Through close communication among families, students and teachers, to ensure the smooth progress of volunteer activities.

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Empower Student Development

Engage in volunteer activities to uncover and harness the untapped potential of students while assisting them in developing and flourishing

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Strengthen Competitiveness

By participating in rich and high-quality volunteer activities, you can enhance your competitiveness and help you apply for universities.

Past Volunteer Opportunities

Chess Tournament Assistant

In the Lorvale Chess Tournament certified by the Canadian Chess Federation (CFC), our volunteers act as on-site assistants, assisting the teachers to maintain the order of the game and supervise the progress of the game.

Summer Camp Assistant

Volunteers serve as summer camp assistants, assisting teachers in completing student sign-in, classroom assistants, lunch and class supervision, and site maintenance before and after class.

Event Organization and Coordination

Volunteer students act as organizers and coordinators of special events, organize and participate in community friendship and gratitude activities, Asian-Canada cultural exchanges, speech clubs and other activities.

Teaching Assistants And After-school Tutoring

As a teaching assistant, provide after-school tutoring for younger students.